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  • Cyclomaniacs
    Cyclomaniacs, the title of a biking game that suggests that something really dedicated is expected to be seen through playing of this game. Perhaps one of the most popular and most beautiful bike games offered to you to experience. So many different things will be seen in this game to play in and to select from. You’ll be witness the all round bike game that will make you feel the maximum biking pleasure. Each time you’ll succeed in completing a certain goal, you’ll be awarded with the possibility to unlock certain things and each time you’ll be surprised to see what is that. This game will really do the right thing for you to be honest. To play and control this game, use the arrow keys from the keyboard, up and down arrow to accelerate and brake, left and right arrow to lean back and to lean forward. Bunny hop with X or Spacebar. If the horn option is ulocked, use it with pressing Ctrl.

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